Why we Love New Orleans!

Why we Love New Orleans 1

New Orleans is a city with a very rich history. The capital of the colony the French invaded, New Orleans—and the entire state of Louisiana—was once taken over by the Spanish, after which it briefly went back to the French until finally it was sold to the US in 1803 in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase.

However, after almost a century of living under French rule, the residents of the state loathed adopting the American way of life while French remained the official language for another century.

Because of this history of the mixing of three different cultures, New Orleans has now become a melting hot pot of cultures, which has influenced everything from its architecture to its music and food.

New Orleans is a city that has seen a number of calamities befall it—Hurricane Katrina for one—but has stood tall and rebuilt itself time and again to become the hub of nightlife, live music, and a true hodgepodge of cultures.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to love the birthplace of jazz:

1. The Architecture:

New Orleans combines classic Southern architecture with more European elements, and adds a splash of the Creole and African forms of architecture and tops it all off with a dollop of color to create an eclectic style that is unlike any other.

2. The Music:

The birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans has seen a recent influx in more modern forms of music like soul, rock, punk, and hip-hop. Regardless of the type of genre you prefer, you are sure to find a pub or bar playing something you fancy in this city that lives, loves and breathes music.

3. The Street Performers:

When we talk about raw talent honed over years of practice, the street performers of New Orleans is what we’re talking about. Sure to put a pep in your step, the plethora of tap dancers, human statues, opera singers and musicians playing everything from the acoustic guitar to the trombone are at the center of what makes New Orleans THE place to be.


4. The Food:

The blend of various cultures that make up the residents of New Orleans makes for a culinary scene as rich as the city’s history. With the #1 ranked fried chicken in the US located in the city, and its unique mixture of Southern comfort food with seafood and Caribbean spices, New Orleans is a haven for food lovers all around.

5. The Nightlife:

You cannot think of New Orleans without thinking of its intensive party life. Also known as the “Big Easy”, this is a place that knows how to have a good time. With costumed parades round the year, casinos, pubs, bars, clubs and street parties all round the clock, you never need a reason to have fun in this City of Festivals.

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