Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were From New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its food, music and warm and welcoming people. Did you know, many famous celebrities were born and raised New Orlean-ians?

Here’s a list:

Ellen DeGeneres


This blonde haired lady is known for being funny, kind-hearted and “Generes”. She was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana in a single parent household. Her father abandoned them when she was just a teenager. This successful talk show host began her career in comedy through shows and stand-up gigs. She was one of the first to come out in the industry and since then she has played a pivotal role in supporting the LGBT community.

Reese Witherspoon



Reese Witherspoon never forgets to mention her New Orleans roots. She grew up in Nashville and she always shows her southern side on TV! Her box office hits have showcased the Southern culture through and through, which is evident in Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde, and Walk the Line.

Louis Armstrong

The late artist is known to be one of the most influential figures in Jazz history. He grew up in dire poverty in New Orleans. He was part of a boys’ quartet to make some extra money when growing up. He learned to play the cornet in the New Orleans Home for Colored Waifs and would play on the boats that went along the Mississippi River and gained experience.

Louis Armstrong was one of the first to supersede the racial divide. He stayed in prominent hotels with all white guests. He was an avid supporter of the Civil Rights Movement in America. His memoirs perfectly showcase his infectious personality and his undying love for music.

Patricia Clarkson

This two time Emmy winning actress is also from New Orleans and is recognized in the industry for her amazing performances. She has been successful in films, television, and theater. Her career took off in 1985 and since then she has been directed by big names like Woody Allen, Tom Hanks, and Justin Timberlake.

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