The Ultimate Guide To Eating Out In New Orleans


It isn’t for nothing that people say New Orleans’ food is soul food. New Orleanians are known for their generosity; there’s no way we’re letting you leave our city still hungry.

We do understand, however, that for a New Orleans newbie, it can be hard to know where to even start when embarking on a food tour of the city.

Here are the food items you need to try while you’re here, and where you should go for them.


While most people were probably introduced to this New Orleans delicacy by Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, beignets have been around in New Orleans for more than three centuries now!

You owe it to yourself to try these delectable fried donuts that are topped with a ton of powdered sugar. Remember, you’re not allowed to stop at just one.

For a lot of people, Café du Monde is be all and end all for your beignet fix. While it’s true that their beignets are out of this world, you can never go wrong with the ones from Café Beignet and Morning Call either.




You can probably imagine it right now. The layers of olive salad, ham, salami, mortadella, provolone, and Switch cheese, sitting in between two freshly baked sesame buns. There’s no sandwich in the world like a muffuletta.

It’s not only New Orleans’s favorite snack, but it’s also one of the cheapest ones for when you’re on a budget. Where should you go if your stomach is begging for one? Central Grocery is always the first option because it’s where the muffuletta originated. If you’re in the mood for seafood, however, try the one at Parran's Po-Boys.




This is the one that most people associate New Orleans with. A spicy, thick stew made with a bevy of mouth-watering ingredients; from okra to pork sausage, seafood, an assortment of vegetables, and let’s not forget, hot sauce. A lot of hot sauce.

For a bowl of gumbo with a ton of kick, look no further than the Dooky Chase Restaurant. They’ve been serving them up for as long as we can remember. Fun fact: The restaurant was also where civil rights activists used to meet up during the 60s!


All the Seafood

Whether it’s striking red crawfish, or oysters galore, New Orleans is the hub of great seafood. There are also the many varieties of shrimp, and the crabs that are cooked to perfection.

If you don’t have a lot of time in the city, we suggest that you head on over to the Peche Seafood Grill; they have every variety of New Orleans seafood under one roof.

There’s really no avoiding it, however, you need to take one trip to Casamento’s as well. The oysters there are to die for.



Fried Chicken

There’s no way you can come to New Orleans and not have your fill of the perfect Southern fried chicken served with a healthy serving of mash and peas.

For the best fried chicken, consider Willie Mae’s Scotch House; some say it’s the best in the country. Be sure to also order the butter beans and the potato salad with it! For a more classic flavor, Dooky Chase is the only place you should even think of going.

neworleans.png is the only website you need to visit if you’re going to be visiting The Big Easy. Their New Orleans event calendar lists every food festival, music performance, and a ton of other fun things to do in the city. Click here to plan your trip today!

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