5 Top Music Acts To Look Out For In New Orleans


There’s a dizzying amount of music being produced in New Orleans every single day. It’s not just in the studio either! Street corners are brimming with musical talent, as are the hundreds of jazz clubs and concert venues that New Orleanians attend every day. That’s a lot of music to take in.

Visitors to New Orleans can often be baffled by the variety, and end up being unable to figure out which music acts they should really attend, and which they can afford to miss.

Here are 5 top music acts in New Orleans that you need to check out while you’re here.

The Spotted Cat Music Club

For a jazz club experience like no other, the Spotted Cat Music Club really is where it’s at. Not only is the mood just right, but it’s also a very intimate gathering where you can even hang out with the performers after the show is finished.

The Spotted Cat is also the most relaxing of the venues on this list, with the most comfortable sofas, and amazing cocktails for guests. The club is open seven days a week and features an eclectic lineup of talented local artists.

One Eyed Jacks

For a change of pace, One Eyed Jacks offers an experience that’s a lot more…experimental. The club draws all the indie artists of the city. It’s a great grab bag experience where every night is a different vibe from the last.

Some nights the different styles of music can be a bit jarring; but on the nights where all the acts complement each other, it becomes an experience that will always stay with you.


Jazz Fest

Music aficionados from all over the company come down to New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival—better known as Jazz Fest. It’s an entire weekend of eating out, enjoying some astounding music, and just having a good time.

The icing on the cake is that all of it is completely free! The festival takes the best talent that New Orleans has to offer and complements it with some serious star power from the rest of the country. Keep your April free, because it’s something that you really shouldn’t miss.

Street Music in the French Quarter

Sit-down venues are great and all, but nothing is quite like New Orleans’s street music scene. The draw is that you never quite know what you’re going to get. A tuba performance might turn into an impromptu dance performance, two musicians might get into a music-off, there’s just so much that could happen.

Most of the scene is concentrated around Jackson Square and Royal Street in the French Quarter. You could spend an entire day just walking around listening to the dozens of acts that are putting up a performance. Just remember to tip them well!

Siberia Lounge

We’re not sure about how cold it gets, but we can attest to the food and the music. Siberia is a decidedly different kind of New Orleans music venue. They play more punk and rock music and are generally going for a more high-energy feeling compared to the rest of the acts on this list.

It specializes in a variety of Slavic food and has a ton of cocktails as well. Settle in for what’s going to be the wildest ride of your New Orleans trip.


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