18 Fun Facts About New Orleans

New Orleans has a rich history, making it a popular travel destination. The French invasion that lasted almost a century had a deep impact on the city, which is clear through a range of facets here.

New Orleans is surely a melting pot for different cultures as can be seen in their architecture, food, and music. Here are some lesser known facts about this happening city:

1. Louisiana is the only state without counties. The state is, instead, broken up into subdivisions called parishes.

2. Many believe that New Orleans is where the Mardi Gras tradition first began. Not many know that this first began in Mobile, Alabama.

 3. New Orleans is home to the Superdome. It’s the largest enclosed arena ever made.

4. This one’s for those who love patronizing casinos: New Orleans is the city where craps and poker were invented.

5. The very first opera was showcased in New Orleans in 1796.

6. The famous music genre, Jazz originated in New Orleans, within the African-American communities of the area.  



7. Voodoo was first introduced in the U.S in the 1800’s in New Orleans. Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen first stepped foot in New Orleans back in the 19th century. She was originally from Africa and boarded one of the slave ships from the West African coast. She initiated many exorcisms and “witchcraft” in New Orleans.

8. The city is said to be the most haunted in America. Paranormal activity specialists often visit the city for investigations. The French Quarter where the Voodoo Queen lived is said to have experienced the most spiritual activity.



9. Bourbon Street is named after the French Dynasty and not the whiskey.

10. Every seat in the Superdome is a different color. It gives the illusion of a full stadium, even when it’s not.

11. It is known as the Crescent city because of the curve of the Mississippi River that runs through the city.

12. The famous neighborhood of New Orleans, the French Quarter, has mainly Spanish influenced architecture.

13. Creole is the most common cuisine found in New Orleans and not Cajun.

14. Jazz funerals are a big part of the rich history in New Orleans. They believe that the music and dancing could help the deceased on the journey to heaven. It is also seen as a final celebration before they leave earth.

15. The famous sub sandwich was first put together in New Orleans.

16. There aren’t any basements in New Orleans because the city is below sea level. Homes mostly have raised entrances or second floor entrances.

17. Alligator and turtle are real delicacies here. Turtle soup is a culinary classic in New Orleans. The city also loves killer protein like fried alligator.

18. Last but not least, the city is pronounced “New Or-linz” and not “New Or-Leans”.

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